kassna: (strawberry)
2020-05-23 02:24 am
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Just Friends

All the posts I've written here in the past are German. And totally out of date. :) Obviously I'm far more active on other networks these days... Keeping this blog around for reading friends' blogs and communities, but most likely not for more actual 'blogging' like I used to.

No matter how active I am, I'm always happy to make new friends! <3

For all the updates for my creative work (writing, drawing, cosplay, etc.) try one ore two of these:

Tumblr (mostly fangirly stuff - everything I'm creating for certain obsessions)
Twitter (bilingual ramblings and links and socialising)
Archive Of Our Own (a lot of reading, not much writing)
deviantArt (mix of everything, most of my cosplay work ends up there eventually)
Animexx (everything, but more social networking and friends (and cosplay))

I'll try to keep them updated with relevant things. :D